HSE for management

All employers are required training in systematic health, safety and environmental standards according to § 3-5 of the Working Environment Act and regulations. This course satisfies the requirements for HSE training. The duration of 6 hours which is the minimum of what is considered necessary to cover the mandatory topics.

Practical information:
The duration of the course is 1 day, from 09:00-15.00.

The price includes course material, lunch and issue of certificate of competence.

Internal course:
The training is arranged as an internal course. With such an arrangement we can adapt to your needs when it comes to the content, duration  and dates

The purpose of the course is that the course participant shall have completed training that meets the training requirements of the employer. In addition to developing a good understanding of HSE work, where collaboration

  • Opening and instructions
  • What is HSE?
  • Systematic HSE and safety work
  • Norwegian HSE regulations
  • The Working Environment Act
  • The organisation and principles of HSE work
  • Responsibility and authority in the HSE organisation
  • Questions and challenges
  • Who is this course suitable for?
  • The course is tailored to the employer and other leaders.
  • Fits well for everyone who want an introduction to the company systematically HSE and the HSE requirements set out in the Working Environment Laws and regulations.

One day – 09 – 15:00 –  of teaching with time to constructive dialogue between tutor and participants and attendees in between.

NOK 5 990

All participants receive comprehensive documentation containing course presentation and excerpts of Working Enviromet Act and regulations.
It will be served lunch, coffee and refreshments during the course day.